Structural Integration 12 Session Series

Structural Integration with Mia Gleason

Map The Pattern, Shape The Change

I partner with my clients to evoke change. We do this through the use of deep, slow manual strokes coupled with the clients movement, designed to ease the body’s motions and improve function.

12 Session Series

ATSI(or SI) 12 session series improves posture, movement and function. SI can be seen as an extended course in reacquainting yourself with your body in motion, whether you are a new mom, an athlete or a computer-bound “couch potato”.

People often come to SI because of unease, restriction and/or pain issues – which are clear signs that current patterns and habits are no longer effective. However, there could be more subtle signs including simply not feeling at home in your body, or yearning for new ways of holding yourself and moving. Common outcomes of going through an SI series include having more options in how to inhabit and use your body, easeful movement, less aches and pains, increased awareness, more resilience, an overall feeling of being more “at home in yourself”.

Sessions 1-4
Release and unwind the Superficial body

Session 1 | Superficial Front Line – Front body
Session 2 | Superficial Back Line – Back body
Session 3 | Lateral Line – Sides of body
Session 4 | Spiral Line – Rotations in the body which are fundamental to walking.

Sessions 5-8
Deep Front Line -The core of your body, from inner arch to jaw

Session 5 | Deep Front Line- Inner arch, inseam of legs and pelvis floor
Session 6 | Deep Front Line – Deep core tissues of the diaphragm and psoas
Session 7 | Deep Back Line – Specific spine work, deeper back, hip and leg
Session 8 | Deep Front Line – Neck, head and face

Sessions 9-12
Integration with the Superficial and Deep Core

Session 9 | The Pelvis and below
Session 10 | The Pelvis and above
Session 11 | The Arms
Session 12 | Spine and Integration