Mia’s 3 session series of bodywork helped me to understand and work with the Diastasis Recti I have as a result of my son’s birth 2 years ago. Now I feel lifted and elongated, my organs feel supported, my belly is no longer “dumping out”. My posture is much better. I feel like I’m standing in gravity the way nature intended instead of being hunched over. I only wish I met Mia sooner. It would have helped so much to have this work done shortly after giving birth. -Alena S/ Mom and Computer programmer

My body really feels 10 years younger just from 1 session. My morning neck stretches were so much more delightful and range of motion in my neck has greatly improved.- Monica B Bodyworker/Ayurvedic practitioner

“Mia’s Oov Class is GREAT, I walk out of class with Mia feeling taller, more grounded, balanced and centered. Mia’s extensive knowledge of Fascia shines through in her teaching as she addresses the body as a whole instrument, all parts and systems interconnected. I highly recommend her teaching!”
—Nicky M, Pilates Instructor

“After an hour of Mia’s exceptional teaching, I walked out taller and lengthened, more present and more intimately alive. After my 12 SI sessions with Mia, my body felt great and moved with graceful fluidity. I felt 10 years younger. But my old “strength” patterns no longer worked. One session of Fascial Fitness helped bring all of me together, in a delightful way.”
—Christina S, Retired Chiropractor

  1. —Liz C, Nurse 0:13
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