Your First ATSI Session

As a new client, we will discuss your current medical status and heath history. You will be asked about medications, injuries, areas of pain and soreness, your occupation and activities as well as your goals. We will also do a body reading to observe your specific postural and movement patterns

Following Sessions

All sessions begin with a body reading to evaluate the patterns your body. You will be asked to perform simple movements as I work to facilitate soft tissue release and increase awareness.



Preferred ATSI attire:

Men: Briefs, boxer briefs or short bicycle shorts are best- loose boxers are workable but less than ideal. Choose something you would feel comfortable being viewed and moving around in.

Women: Tube top, strapless bikini top or simple stretchy bra (avoid thick shoulder straps or heavy back coverage or complicated straps, while they are very cute they are hard to work around!) and underwear or short yoga shorts. I will provide a tube top if you don’t have one. Choose something you would feel comfortable being viewed and moving around in.

Non-Binary: wear what feels comfortable to you according to the guidelines above.


All of your medical information, and what happened in the session is kept confidential.

Preparing For Your Session

Eating: You may find it more comfortable not to eat 30-60 minutes prior to the session. If a session involves abdominal work, you will probably be more comfortable not eating immediately before a session. You can eat directly after your session.

Water: Hydrated tissue is healthier, and any residual soreness will be diminished if you drink plenty of water. Come prepared by being hydrated, but don’t drink a lot of fluids right before the session.

Activity: Avoid heavy workouts or manual labor 12-24 hours after your session

Frequency of appointments: Depending on the nature of your issue, you may need to come weekly or bi-weekly. We will decide a treatment plan that will work for you. For ATSI work outside of San Diego/La Mesa sessions will be scheduled on a case by case basis.


Before And After Photos

Before and After photos can be taken upon request for clients 18 and older.Please let me know at the beginning of your series if you would like photos.




Payment is due on the day of the session unless otherwise arranged. We accept cash, checks and PayPal and Venmo. A $35 fee will be assessed for each returned check. Payments for all services are non-refundable.


For consistency and out of respect for everyone’s schedule, sessions start on time and end on time. Please make an effort in being prompt to the best of your abilities.


There is ample parking at the Providence Mine and Ridge locations. See heartandsoulpilates.com for parking for group classes.


Cancellations and No Shows

We require a 24 hour cancellation notice. All “No Shows” and “Last Minute Cancellations” are charged the full price of the session.

Intake Protocol

Client Information and Waiver forms must be completed prior to or at the first visit.


Why BitterRose?

This is a reference from on of my favorite books. You can read the short story of the Bitter Rose here. https://www.personalitycafe.com/threads/any-rene-daumal-fans-an-excerpt-from-his-book-mount-analog.1340178/