Structural Integration

Structural Integration with Mia Gleason

Map The Pattern, Shape The Change

Client and practitioner partner through the use of deep, slow manual strokes coupled with the clients movement, designed to ease the body’s movement, working the fascia

We humans have collected postural and movement patterns through the course of our lives, from our repetitive activities, societal conditioning around race, gender and culture, from injury or surgery, imitation of our parents or heroes, and attitudes we’ve acquired along the way.  These patterns become written into our movements, muscular tensions and into the tissues that go between: the connective tissue aka fascia.

My work frees the binding and shortening in these connective tissues and re-educates the body in efficient movement and energy-sustaining patterns.


4 Minute Video Explaining ATSI:

Experience the many benefits:

“After 2 sessions, my pain reduced 90%, I’m able to do the physical work
I need to for my job, and I rarely feel ANY of the pain I used to!”

— Jonathan Farrell