Structural Integration 3 Session Series

Structural Integration with Mia Gleason

Map The Pattern, Shape The Change


“Mia’s three-session series of bodywork helped me improve my posture. I’m lifted, elongated, and my belly is no longer ‘dumping out’. I’m standing the way nature intended, not hunched over. I wish I’d met Mia sooner and had this work done shortly after giving birth.”

Alena S., Mom and Computer programmer

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3 Session Series

Uplevel your postpartum recovery through Structural Integration and Pilates!

Benefits include:

  • Ease of Movement
  • Pain Relief
  • Better Posture
  • Injury Prevention
  • Increased Energy
  • Healing body dysmorphia/shame

Who benefits from a 3 series:

  • Postpartum women
  • Athletes
  • Folks who have been through a 10/12 series
  • People with extremely busy schedules
  • Travelers and Temporary Residents

PostpartumEVERY MOTHER NEEDS SUPPORT IN REHABILITATING HER BODY AFTER CHILDBIRTH. ATSI is an incredible tool for this process. Within the first 6 months following birth, mother’s bodies are producing high amounts of relaxin which makes the tissues more pliable. Quick, drastic and profound change comes easily at this time. While I recommend a 12 series to new Moms- it’s not always possible to fit that into your lifestyle. A 3 series can be a great alternative to take advantage of this valuable 6 month period with out overwhelming your schedule. My practice is baby friendly. Your little one is always welcome to come to your session, especially if it is the only way you can fit in a session.

Athletes– ATSI makes drastic changes in the body. If you have upcoming competions or high intensity training a 3 series can fit into your schedule with out disrupting your peak performance.

10/12 series “graduates”– While the benefits of SI are designed to last a lifetime you may want to go further or need more than just the occasional single session “tune up”. If you’ve had a recent injury or minor accident the 3 series will help your body “remember” the gains you made during your initial series.

Travelers and Busy Folks– It might not be quite time to dedicate your self to a full 12 series. The 3 series is a great alternative. You can always do a 12 series when you are more settled and available.

Session 1
Lower body

In session 1 we address the lower body from the feet through the abdomen. We work to align the joints and reorient the body to lift the legs from the spine and deep abdominals. This provides a strong foundation and grounding.

Session 2
Upper body

The second session works to free the breath. We release the torso, diaphragm and ribs. We also address the neck and arms.

Session 3

The final session works to unwind spinal patterns and integrate the upper and lower body. This integration supports moving from the central access of the body which allows us to move through life and our daily activities with more ease and efficacy. It also greatly decreases the risk of injury.

In addition to offering the 12 ATSI series I also offer a condensed version – the ATSI 3 series. In this series, we work to unravel your specific structural patterns in an expedited way. This process supports moving from the central access of the body which allows us to move through life and our daily activities with more ease and efficacy. It also greatly decreases the risk of injury.

3 or 12 series?

What’s right for you right now?

There are many considerations that going into deciding which series to have. These are some things to consider:

Timing- 12 series requires 6 weeks-4 months of time. It is a profoundly transformative experience that requires attention and commitment. A 3 series may be more appropriate during times of heavy work loads, travel, peak athletic intensity or family obligations.

I recommend doing a 3 series if you are planning to have more children and a 12 series when you are finished birthing all your children. Very traumatic labor and delivery may warrant a 12 series even if you plan to have more kids.

Long term goals- If you are planning on getting pregnant or competing in high level athletics it’s wise to wait until after these things to do a 12 series.

Financial- Obviously, the 12 series is more of an investment.