Structural Integration Postpartum


“Mia’s three-session series of bodywork helped me improve my posture. I’m lifted, elongated, and my belly is no longer ‘dumping out’. I’m standing the way nature intended, not hunched over. I wish I’d met Mia sooner and had this work done shortly after giving birth.”

Alena S., Mom and Computer programmer


Benefits include:

  • Ease of Movement and increased energy
  • Relief from low back pain
  • Relief from shoulder pain
  • Relief from foot pain and walking issues
  • Relief from hip pain
  • Improved Posture
  • Injury Prevention
  • Postpartum recovery
  • Healing body dysmorphia/shame



PostpartumEVERY MOTHER NEEDS SUPPORT IN REHABILITATING HER BODY AFTER CHILDBIRTH. ATSI is an incredible tool for this process. Within the first 6 months following birth, mother’s bodies are producing high amounts of relaxin which makes the tissues more pliable. Quick, drastic and profound change comes easily at this time. While I recommend a 12 series to new Moms- it’s not always possible to fit that into your lifestyle. A 3 series can be a great alternative to take advantage of this valuable 6 month period with out overwhelming your schedule. My practice is baby friendly. Your little one is always welcome to come to your session, especially if it is the only way you can fit in a session.