Fascial Fitness

The Oov

The Oov helps to engage and isolate specific muscle groups to more effectively strengthen the

body. Its unique design supports your back and neck through correct balance, while your core is working hard! By supporting and allowing only correct movement, the Oov helps you retrain your mind and counteract poor postural habits for long-term change.

The Oov is also a wonderful tool for helping new moms or anyone postpartum, regardless of the age of your kids, regain core stability and rehab from the profound physical changes that accompany pregnancy and birth.



Pilates Equipment

The Pilates equipment is a genius design used to support training fascia. It provides support and spring resistance which allows you to create shapes in the body which wouldn’t be possible under the normal forces of gravity. This creates new possibilities for strength, flexibility, a springy feeling and reshaping of the body.

Principles of Training Fascia

While I find the above apparatuses incredibly helpful for training fascial to a healthy supportive state they aren’t imperative. One value of teaching movements “on the mat” is they can be practiced anywhere and incorporated into your home practice.  A healthy fascial system creates a responsive, supple body that has ” a spring in your step”. We achieve vital gain, without pain and movement is pleasurable. Over time you develop a well organized body that is efficient and less vulnerable to repetitive strain injuries.